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Trakm8 responds to proposed changes to MOTs

Jim Hill, group marketing director at Trakm8, considers the impact of the government’s recently mooted proposal to scrap the annual MOT.

“While nothing is yet confirmed, the government’s proposal to change MOT rules to ease the cost-of-living crisis is something fleet managers nationwide should be paying close attention to.

“In a bid to help households and businesses cut expenditure on their vehicles, the government is suggesting scrapping yearly MOTs for vehicles over three years of age in favour of a check-up every two years. While such a move would be beneficial for the wallet, it would mean older vehicles were being driven for longer between critical safety checks.

“When you factor in the ongoing vehicle parts shortage, which is forcing businesses to run ageing fleets for longer, any changes to MOT guidelines could create a perfect storm for vehicle health problems.

“So, how can businesses prepare for any potential changes to the MOT regimen? Taking a proactive approach to vehicle health is key. One of the surest ways of achieving this is via investment in telematics technology that can provide a holistic overview of fleet health, identifying issues before they become disabling to a vehicle.

“At Trakm8, our Connectedcare solution for vehicle health diagnostics has been especially configured to give fleet managers comprehensive insights that helps ensure their vehicles can continue to operate safely and efficiently.

“Via deep CANBus connectivity, Connectedcare gives fleet managers remote access to diagnostic trouble codes and warning lights. Simply by accessing Trakm8’s Insights web portal or mobile app, fleet managers can get real-time updates on vehicular health, including vital data points such as battery health, washer fluid, traction control, AdBlue levels and tyre pressure monitoring systems – all of which form part of MOT check-ups.

“What’s more, Connectedcare enables fleet managers to alert drivers to minor issues before they become major problems – ultimately safeguarding against costly unplanned downtime.

“Although no firm decision has yet been made on the future of the yearly MOT, vehicle health is something no business wants to compromise on, so they should be considering now how they can continue to safeguard their drivers and assets if bi-annual testing comes to pass. Telematics might just be the answer.”

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