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Trakm8 technology helps NHS fulfil vaccine roll-out in Hillingdon

Trakm8 is supplying its industry-leading route optimisation software to help enable the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The Confederation, Hillingdon CIC comprising of 43 GP Practices across the borough, is overseeing the Covid-19 vaccine deployment on behalf of GP Practices to Hillingdon Residents, of whom over 1,500 need to be vaccinated at home. This cohort requires prioritisation with a limited time frame for delivering first dose vaccinations, therefore, Lalita Scott, The Confederation’s Head of Transformation revolutionised the standard delivery method by approaching Trakm8 for an innovative collaboration within Primary Care.

Lalita explains: “The Confederation works closely with Central and North West London Foundation Trust (CNWL) who provide Community Nursing within Hillingdon. Historically, Community Nurses would have been responsible for devising the route plans to reach these patients manually, but the scale of the operation meant that this was not an effective solution. Instead, the Confederation needed a system that could deliver reliable, easy-to-use and above all time-efficient route planning provisions, which didn’t need hours of ‘hands-on’ time from staff.”

To enable this, the Confederation collaborated with Trakm8’s Insight Optimisation route planning platform. Designed as a powerful fleet management tool it helps maximise productivity while reducing operational costs, enabling users to optimise complex route plans at the touch of a button.

Simply by inputting addresses into the system, Care Connection Teams and Children’s Immunisation Teams from CNWL were able to devise the most efficient route for their home vaccine implementation – streamlining a complicated process to ensure vulnerable people are being vaccinated within their prioritised cohorts in an efficient and safe way.

The feedback from nursing staff using the software has been overwhelmingly positive.  Lalita continues: “Ensuring an efficient vaccine roll-out to some of the most vulnerable people across the borough of Hillingdon is absolutely imperative and the Trakm8 system has really helped us achieve this through an innovative solution. Due to the flexibility of Trakm8’s system, we have been able to implement neighbourhood working.

“A first for the healthcare sector, the employment of the technology has helped our frontline nursing staff work as smartly as possible, streamlining their journey time and crucially helping them reach as many residents as possible.

“From a managerial point of view, we’ve seen significant savings on time. Actioned entirely via an easy-to-use mobile app, we simply upload a CSV file of vaccine recipients and add the vehicle details of the nurses administering the vaccine. The database is linked to an app on the driver’s phone, which tells them the most effectual route for each of their house-calls and allows them to tick off each job once completed. This means we can use the platform to see who has yet to be vaccinated, rather than, as before, relying on multiple databases and manual feedback – ensuring everyone who should receive their vaccine at home, does.”

In total, more than 1,500 vulnerable Hillingdon residents have received the first dose of their COVID-19 vaccination with the help of Trakm8’s Insight Optimisation platform.

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