Insight Essentials

Simple, yet powerful vehicle tracking for one or multiple vehicles.

Features include real-time vehicle tracking, driver behaviour scoring, easy switching between business and private mileage, expense/mileage reports, geo-fences, reminders, alerts, and multi-user access.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles and drivers in real-time through our user-friendly web portal or app. View all vehicles on a live map – whether they are parked up or on the move – ensuring you know where your vehicles are located, at all times. Finding your nearest vehicle is as simple as clicking on a map.

Driver Behaviour Scoring

Your business’s reputation is important, so with Insight Essentials each journey is given a driver behaviour score in the portal or app. The score from 0-100, is based on speeding, harsh braking, and cornering events. Receive emails and inbox alerts and reports based on scores.

Business/Private Mileage

Mileage reporting made easy. Help your drivers remain HMRC-compliant with easy business/private mileage categorisation, which is ideal for P11D mileage claims and management. Drivers can select a business or private journey at the touch of a button (built into the Connect 200) – and can change the status of historic journeys via the Insight portal and app.


Insight Essentials costs just £5.99+VAT per month, or £65.89+VAT per annum when paid in advance (get 12 months for the price of 11). There’s a one-off activation fee per device of £25+VAT.

Choice of devices

Connect 200 – Self-Install 12v Aux Vehicle Tracking Device
Connect 200 12v Plug-In Tracker

Easy to install, the Connect 200 is the flexible and simple vehicle tracking device which, when combined with the powerful functionality of the Insight portal and app, gives business owners and fleet managers visibility over their vehicles.

Connect 300 – OBD Plugin Vehicle Tracking Device
C320 OBD

Easy to install, the Connect 300 (C320) plugs into your vehicle’s OBD port. The Connect 300 can be purchased through our sales team, call 0330 311 5157 for more information.

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