RoadHawk Play – Compatible with the RoadHawk DC-2, DC-3, HD and HD-2

Download the latest version of RoadHawk Play (v7.3):

PC (64-bit) Version: Click here to download

MAC Version *: Click here to download

* Only compatible for OS up to and including High Sierra

What’s New?


– Improvements to the Mac version


– New G-force presets


– New Auto-format feature for the RoadHawk DC-3

– New tooltips on the Settings panel


– New branding

– Full format option

– GPS improvements

RoadHawk Multi-Camera DVR Player – DVR4000 / DVR8000

Download the latest version of Multi-Camera DVR Player software:

PC (64-bit) Version **: Click here to download

** For Windows 10 Service pack 1903 you will need to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) even where you are running an x64 operating system

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