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  • NEWS: Trakm8 achieves double success in June

    Trakm8 achieves double success in June

    Trakm8 is delighted to report that June 2014 saw two firsts for the company. June represented the largest month in the Trakm8’s 12 year history for the number of new unit installations to report directly back to Trakm8 servers, which meets the objective of substantially increasing recurring revenues is being achieved month on month.

    Secondly, June saw the first time over 1000 units were manufactured in a single day. Trakm8 Group have invested heavily over the last 12 months in expanding their in-house manufacturing capabilities, and reaching this new target has demonstrated that they are investing in the right areas of the business.   

    Trakm8 Chairman John Watkins comments on the achievements: “It is terrific that our hard work in building our client marketing activities is paying off in terms of new solution sales. We have invested heavily in additional manufacturing capacity, and it is already proving itself to have been money well spent.”

    The above map shows the units reporting to Trakm8’s servers in the UK along with the statistics of the installed unit’s vehicle activity.

  • NEWS: Trakm8 to showcase Trakm8 Logistics at The Service Management Expo 2014

    Trakm8 to showcase Trakm8 Logistics at The Service Management Expo 2014

    Trakm8 will be exhibiting at The Service Management Expo which runs from 17th – 19th June held at London’s ExCel

    The Service Management Expo is Europe’s only dedicated event for the field service market and Trakm8 will be making their debut at this show showcasing their invaluable operational service tool, Trakm8 Logistics.

    Trakm8 Logistics allows visibility of daily jobs against a predefined schedule. A web based dynamic Gantt chart is displayed giving the operator a complete overview of the delivery or engineer visit activity and job status. If a job or delivery is in jeopardy, the Gantt chart will clearly highlight and alert the operator, giving them the opportunity to reschedule with a simple drag and drop on screen.
    With Trakm8 Logistics, automatic messages based on distance or time can be sent to the customer alerting delivery status and arrival time. The automatic message feature enables companies to deliver customer expectation and achieve an increased level of customer satisfaction.

    Trakm8 will also be demonstrating at the show features of their new SWIFT 6 platform. SWIFT 6 is Trakm8’s latest web based Fleet Management Solution, and brings enhanced visibility of the fleet with advanced mapping options. Detailed historic information is also available with route replay functions including street view and mapping overlays, to display driving conditions such as weather, traffic reports and road speed.

    For more information on how Trakm8’s fleet management solutions can increase operational efficiencies, improve the effectiveness of your fleet and enhance customer service visit Trakm8 at The Service Management Expo.

    Stand No: M1550

  • NEWS: Trakm8 demonstrates the benefits of a safer fleet at Fleet News CCIA 2014

    Trakm8 demonstrates how to improve fleet safety and efficiency at Fleet News CCIA

    Trakm8 will be exhibiting at Fleet News CCIA next month and will be demonstrating the many benefits of vehicle telemetry to improve driver safety and monitor vehicle usage.

    Fleet News CCIA is an event focused on improving the safety of company car drivers and promotes solutions to manage a safer fleet. Trakm8 will be exhibiting at the show and demonstrating how their up and coming SWIFT 6 platform and enriched driver behaviour data can improve fleet safety and efficiency.

    Trakm8 can monitor and improve fleet driver behaviour with a real time in-cab feedback device, where visual and audio feedback is given to encourage a smoother driving style. With reduced speeding and driving styles improved the fleet becomes safer, therefore accident risk, frequency and severity is reduced. As a result, a positive effect on the general running cost of a fleet with less servicing repairs and vehicle downtime is achieved.

    With the imminent launch of Trakm8 SWIFT 6 there are many features which give the Fleet Operator a better understanding of the driving conditions and fleet activity. Google Street view is available with advanced route replay functionalities which could be used in the event of an incident for the fleet operator to review the road conditions and driver behaviour at that point. Improved operational efficiencies can also be achieved by using the new vehicle health functions on SWIFT 6. Factors such as vehicle battery and Diagnostics Trouble Codes are monitored with the operator alerted if the battery voltage drops below threshold or a trouble code is activated.

    Vehicle telemetry is also a useful tool for fleet operators in distinguishing between business and private mileage. By using Trakm8’s SWIFT 6 web portal, specific vehicle activity can be tracked to monitor mileage and service reminders ensure a higher end of life vehicle value. Accurate mileage capture can be automatically exported and integrated into HR and finance administration programmes, ensuring expense claims are accurate.

    For more information and a live demo please visit Trakm8 at Fleet News CCIA

    Above: Trakm8’s SWIFT web portal giving the fleet operator all the tools to run a safe and efficient fleet.


  • NEWS: Trakm8 offer taxi fleets a solution to improve driver behaviour

    Trakm8 offer Taxi Fleets a solution to improve driver behaviour and reduce their fuel bills

    Trakm8 recently exhibited at the Private Hire & Taxi Exhibition, Donington Park and demonstrated fuel savings achievable with Trakm8 ecoN

     This year’s Private Hire & Taxi Exhibition was held at Donington Park where Trakm8 demonstrated how to improve passenger experience by promoting smoother driving habits. By using Trakm8 ecoN, drivers can receive real time feedback on their driving style including harsh braking, acceleration, cornering and over revving. This will improve driver behaviour and therefore fuel economy, so not only are fuel bills reduced, the passenger also benefits from a smoother and safer experience.

    Trakm8 partner with several premium Executive Car Hire and Chauffeur companies to improve their customer service and offer clients added safety and security. Trakm8’s tracking system creates an added value to clients, enabling confirmation of the exact location of a vehicle or asset, all through the web based platform.

    For more information on how Trakm8 can benefit your fleet with reduced fuel bills and improved customer satisfaction please call: +44 (0) 1747 858 444

    Above: The ecoN lightbar gives real time visual and audio feedback to the driver on their driving style.