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Can vehicle tracking increase your productivity?

Fleet managers are often told that vehicle tracking can increase productivity, but what are the facts behind that statement? Here are some of the tried and tested ways that telematics can make your organisation even more efficient:

Fewer collisions – Driver behaviour scoring encourages drivers to adopt a safer, smoother driving style. This reduces road risk, meaning fewer collisions, resulting in less unexpected vehicle downtime. One Trakm8 customer witnessed a 39% reduction in its accident rate.

Wear and tear – A smoother driving style also means less wear and tear on your vehicles, particularly for key items such as brakes and tyres.

Less admin – Vehicle tracking can produce time sheets, making it easier to manage wages for employees and invoices from contractors.

Go paperless - Electronic proof of delivery (ePod) as a mobile app substantially reduces paperwork and provides an easily accessible digital record for customer disputes about delivery or job completion.

Better compliance – Features such as business/private mileage management further cut down on admin and also improve compliancy with HMRC. Mobile apps for daily vehicle checks also help with DVSA compliance.

Insurance claims – Dash cams, vehicle cameras and telematics cameras can all help to quickly resolve insurance claims and liability for a road traffic incident. The RH600 telematics camera enabled one of our customers with 1,500 vehicles to ascertain that 50% of insurance claims made against the company were fabricated. Instances where footage was able to support a disputed claim in favour of the company also increased by 260%, compared to the previous dash cams installed in the fleet.

Integrated devices – Investing in telematics cameras instead of separate vehicle tracking and vehicle camera systems reduces vehicle down time for installation and removal of the units.

Vehicle breakdowns – Innovations such as Trakm8 Connectedcare can provide vehicle health alerts on diagnostic trouble codes and dashboard warning lights, helping to prevent vehicle breakdowns as well as non-starts due to a flat battery. This reduces unexpected vehicle down time and enables you to proactively plan service, maintenance and repair activity.

Route optimisation – Working in tandem with vehicle tracking, route optimisation is proven to improve vehicle utilisation and substantially reduce planning time.

To find out more about the Trakm8’s telematics solutions, contact us on 0330 311 5157 or email info@trakm8.com.

Can vehicle tracking increase your productivity? | Articles | Trakm8

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