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How to find the right vehicle tracking solution - Part two

In part one of this blog we highlighted some of the questions to ask when looking for a telematics solution for your fleet. In part two, we examine some of the additional benefits from the very best vehicle tracking providers, as well as how integration can make all the difference.

Vehicle Health

Whether it is hardwired or plug n play, a high-quality vehicle tracking device will measure driving performance and connect to the vehicle’s CAN bus system. Not all vehicle tracking solutions provide performance monitoring or connect to the CAN bus, so check in advance. CAN bus connectivity can also enable your device to monitor the vehicle’s health and communicate issues before they result in a breakdown or non-start.

A business/private mileage management tool is a huge time-saver when it comes to P11D returns. You are obliged to provide details on all company cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) used for private journeys, which are trips taken for personal rather than business reasons. As part of this process, you need to file a P11D form for each vehicle at the end of every tax year, which covers employee benefits and expenses. Some vehicle tracking providers offer business/private mileage as a standard feature, making it quick and easy to download the data you need for HMRC compliance.


The best providers will be able to offer you much more than just vehicle tracking, such as dash cams to protect your business from fraudulent insurance claims, as well as telematics cameras which combine the benefits of vehicle tracking with those of vehicle cameras. Trakm8 is a leading provider of vehicle cameras and the manufacturer of the award-winning RH600 4G telematics camera. Along with integrating camera and telematics technology into a single compact device, the RH600 also includes advanced driver assistance systems such as distracted driving alerts as well as tailgating and collision warnings.

You could also integrate your telematics with route optimisation software for more efficient transport planning. Optimisation also helps provide accurate ETAs to further improve customer service; increases vehicle utilisation to improve margins; and cuts total fleet mileage, saving you money. Other interlinked technologies include electronic proof of delivery (ePOD). This is highly affordable to implement and integrates with back office software to provide a paper-free delivery solution.

Trakm8’s latest platform, Insight, goes beyond telematics to provide a true fleet management solution. It is specifically designed to easily integrate with other software such as transport management or courier systems – and can even accept data from third party telematics devices.

A single supplier who can provide this level of integration helps to keep things simple – you don’t need multiple systems with different logins and passwords to remember.

Return on Investment

The most important question to ask is about ROI. Telematics and associated technologies can decrease your fuel expenditure, reduce road risk, cut carbon emissions and lead to lower insurance premiums. The important thing is to find a provider who will listen to your needs and deliver a solution that meets your key objectives.

To find out more about Trakm8’s fleet management solutions, contact us on 0330 311 5157 or email info@trakm8.com

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