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Insight 2.12.30 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce our latest release of Insight, 2.12.30, with an array of new features now live for all customers. Our development team has been busy adding several new features and enhancements in this release. Here are the highlights:

Depot opening hours calendar

Compatible Insight tiers: Business & Enterprise

Depots and their associated opening hours can now be configured to be either fixed or dynamic. Fixed opening times can be used when a depot opens and closes at the same time each day. Dynamic opening times allows users to configure a calendar to the depot so that the times can be reflected day-by-day.

For example, if a depot has different opening times during the week than when compared to the weekend, a calendar should be used in order to accurately define the allocated opening times.

Calendars can be created and edited within the administration menu, using the ‘company settings’ sub-menu to locate ‘working hours’.

Admin Icon update

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Insight toolbar features have been updated with new icons in line with other User Interface (UI) enhancements that have been delivered across previous release versions. The look and feel of the Insight system’s user interface is regularly updated to improve user-experience.

EPOD insight package

Compatible tiers: Despatch

A new Insight product tier has been introduced which caters to customers who wish to use the EPOD feature (electronic proof of delivery) as a stand-alone solution.

Users can now utilise the Trakm8 Insight system to capture and share EPOD data without being required to use Trakm8’s optimisation and route scheduling tools. This means that pre-planned orders, whether they have been planned manually or using a 3rd party system, can now be imported into the Trakm8 portal and used within our EPOD tool.

Proof of delivery, including customer signatures and delivery images, can be captured using the Trakm8 Insight mobile app and uploaded to the Insight web portal.

User audit report

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

A ‘user audit’ report is now available within the reports library so that users can report on the system activity of individuals or groups of users. This report is available to run over a configurable timeframe and is also available for scheduling. This report makes it easier to locate when a change has been made within the system and which user performed the action.

DVLA lookup enhancement

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Following the addition of DVLA vehicle lookups in Insight’s 2.11.60 release, the feature has now been enhanced so that even more fields are populated against a vehicle when using the tool.
When adding a new vehicle or editing an existing vehicle, users can select the ‘DVLA’ lookup tool so long as the correct vehicle registration has been added to the system.

Insurance scoring improvements

Compatible tiers: Insight Insurance

Insight users who utilise the Insurance product tier can now benefit from improvements that have been made to policyholder scoring. The scoring enhancements allow insurers to identify risk more easily within their book of business, using metrics that have been approved and widely adopted within the Insurance market.

Insight Release Notes

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