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Chris Bowen Transport

London’s Direct Vision Standard is set to introduce new rules for HGV operators wishing to do business in the Greater London area from March 1st. To meet – and exceed – the new standard, Chris Bowen Specialist Transport, experts in moving problematic cargo, turned to Trakm8, the UK’s foremost vehicle technology provider, to provide a comprehensive solution that will allow them to meet the standard on day one.

On 1st March 2021, new rules for operating HGVs in the Greater London Area come into force. The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) introduces fines for HGVs over 12 tonnes with ‘low direct vision’ and the vast majority of HGVs currently manufactured fail to meet the standard, necessitating the use of mitigating safety features, such as additional mirrors, signage and cameras.

Chris Bowen Specialist Transport is one such company set to be impacted by the upcoming regulation, without investing in additional equipment. Specialising in the transport of hard-to-move goods, such as critical materials and equipment required for construction and infrastructure projects, companies like Chris Bowen are essential to a city that is rapidly expanding.

When DVS was first announced, it was an easy decision for Chris Bowen to turn to Trakm8 for the solutions it needed to continue operating smoothly. Learning of Trakm8 through its work with FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme), a voluntary accreditation scheme and a precursor to DVS, Chris Bowen approached the vehicle technology specialist for help with its compliance.

Trakm8 worked with Chris Bowen to determine exactly which systems were required, matching Trakm8’s wide range of solutions to their fleet. For its articulated vehicles, Trakm8 recommended the RoadHawk DVR8000, a device capable of operating and recording on up to eight cameras simultaneously, enabling excellent direct vision on vehicles of this class.

For Chris Bowen’s standard HGVs, the RoadHawk DVR4000 was the best choice, supporting up to four cameras. These devices are the heart of the system, allowing for easy input/output once installed and a single point of connection to maximise ease of install. This allowed the entire installation process to go ahead through Chris Bowen’s on-site fleet mechanic.

These sturdy devices were complemented by front facing, rear facing and blind spot RoadHawk cameras, connected in turn to a RoadHawk TFT Monitor. Brought together, this system provides excellent direct vision right from the cab, giving drivers the ability to identify hazards and act before accidents occur. With this system in place, Chris Bowen Specialist Transport is set to reach the required standards for DVS on day one – with ease.

Ian Hadley, Transport Manager at Chris Bowen Specialist Transport, said: “As a HGV fleet operator, Chris Bowen has a responsibility to continually drive up standards across its business and this is a key driver of the investment we’ve made.

“The safety of our fleet drivers and the road users around them are of paramount importance and with the help of Trakm8, we are set to exceed the requirements of London’s Direct Vision Standard when it comes into force on March 1st. The innovative technology used in Trakm8’s cameras gives our fleet new levels of direct vision around the vehicle, significantly improving safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike on UK roads.”

Peter Mansfield, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Trakm8, said: “The importance of accreditation through FORS, as well as now through regulations such as DVS, has only grown over the last few years and this is a trend which we think is set to continue. With DVS just around the corner, it’s urgent that operators in and around London, or in cities further afield which are likely to introduce similar rules in the future, look to implement the necessary changes now to avoid accidental, but very costly, non-compliance.”

To learn more about Trakm8 and its DVS offering, click here.

Ian Hadley
Transport Manager, Chris Bowen Transport

The innovative technology used in Trakm8’s cameras gives our fleet new levels of direct vision around the vehicle, significantly improving safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike on UK roads.

Chris Bowen Transport

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