Cutting Carbon Emissions

monitor driver behaviour with driver scoring
Cutting Carbon Emissions

Driver behaviour can be a big factor in higher carbon emissions, for example leaving a car idling or speeding will contribute to increased co2 emissions.

Trakm8s driver behaviour solution will not only monitor drivers but it will also provide real-time driver coaching which has proven to reduce speeding, cut fuel costs by up to 10% and help you negotiate lower insurance premiums.

Fleet Optimisation and Route Planning

Fleet optimisation and route planning are the most effective ways to reduce emissions for cars and vans. Trakm8 Insight fleet optimisation solution goes beyond basic route planning and considers overall fleet capacity, customer requirements and traffic to create the most efficient route for each individual driver. This helps deliver substantial savings as well as helping decrease fleet mileage by up to 20%

Trakm8’s Insight fleet management solution is the perfect addition to a fleet managers arsenal, not only can it help improve fleet emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. But it can also decrease overall operational costs and improve entire fleet performance and efficiency.

track fleet vehicles with route optimisation software

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