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Board Members

Trakm8 Holdings PLC Management Team brings decades of diverse experience and a history of commercial success. Combining business acumen with technical know-how, these executives have guided our talented employees to create innovative products and solutions that enable customers around the world to have confidence in choosing Trakm8.

John Watkins

John Watkins – Executive Chairman

John Watkins has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University and considerable engineering and international sales experience. He has been a Director of several Public companies, Managing Director of a wide range of private and subsidiaries/divisions of public companies and Chairman of two very successful private equity companies that exited with significantly better than average IRRs.

Keith Evans - Non-Executive Deputy Chairman

Keith Evans graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Economics. Keith is a former partner for over 25 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP with very extensive experience of commercial and financial roles having worked with companies operating in the financial services, automotive and information technology sectors.

Keith Evans
Jon Furber

Jon Furber - Group Finance Director

Jon joined Trakm8 as Finance Director to the Group in September 2017. Jon has previously held senior finance roles at technology growth businesses; he was CFO at AppSense and at Vistorm/HP Information Security (UK), and most recently interim CFO at Intrinsic Technology. Jon is a chartered accountant having trained and qualified at KPMG.

Tim Cowley – Strategy Director

Tim Cowley has 30 years’ experience in Engineering & Technology sector. After graduating with a degree in Electronics Engineering in 1988 from Brunel University, Tim Cowley was awarded a prestigious Michael Cobham scholarship, and stayed with the Cobham Group for eleven years. Alongside his brother Matt Cowley, he founded Trakm8 is 2002 and is now responsible for the Group Product Strategy and the Advanced Engineering function.

Tim Cowley
Matt Cowley

Matt Cowley – Big Data Director

One of the founders of Trakm8 along with his brother Tim Cowley, Matt Cowley is a highly experienced software Engineering Director with over twenty five years’ experience within the Telematics and Telecommunications industry. Awarded an MSc Software Engineering with distinction from University of Oxford in 1998, Matt Cowley now leads the in-house Big Data team and is passionate about algorithms, machine learning, computer vision and data science.

Sean Morris – Managing Director (Insurance and Automotive)

Sean Morris has over 30 years’ experience in automotive electrical and electronic engineering at various OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers, including Continental, BMW, Honda, and Land Rover, and was Chief Engineer Electrical & Electronics, of Aston Martin. Sean has also run a successful turnkey engineering company providing services to OEM’s such as JLR, Bentley and McLaren. He is now responsible for leading Trakm8’s newly formed Automotive business unit.

Sean Morris
Mark Watkins

Mark Watkins – Chief Operating Officer

Mark Watkins has a Master’s Engineering degree and worked for Ford Motor Co in the group IT team. He has previously held positions in IT and Operations having been Head of Manufacturing Operations at Continental UK for several years. In 2014 he joined Trakm8 Holdings as Managing Director of BOX Telematics following its’ acquisition and is now responsible for all operational matters.

Nadeem Raza – Non-Executive Director

Nadeem Raza joined the Board following the strategic investment by Microlise Group Holdings Limited in December 2018. As CEO of Microlise, Nadeem has complete responsibility for the operational management and control of all Microlise business activities. During his 20 year career with Microlise, Nadeem has fulfilled various responsibilities and gained experience across all elements of the business, including sales, system integration, marketing, operations and business computing.

Nadeem Raza