1: Choose camera location, use the fitting guide in the manual for help.
2: Clean the screen with some glass cleaner and allow drying time.
3: If possible warm the adhesive pad in your hand, remove adhesive backing from the camera mount and place firmly on the screen, without the camera on.
4: Leave the mount to bond. Recommended bond time is 12 hours.
5: Use the adhesive cable clips to route the power cable neatly around the screen.
6: Attach the camera to the mount and face it forwards. 
7: Plug the power cable into the camera. 
8: Plug in the cigarette lighter plug.

Aligning the camera:

The RoadHawk camera is fitted with a very wide angled lens. This is to capture as much as what is happening in front of you as possible.
Car Use: Keep the camera as level as possible.
Trucks & Coaches: Tilt downward a little.
Some vehicles have “always on” accessory sockets. We recommend unplugging the camera from these sockets when not in use.

Never remove the SD card from the camera whilst it is powered on. Always remove the power supply from the camera and wait for the camera to chime to let you know it is safe to remove the SD card.

Hardwire kit
We recommend that you have the camera hard wired by an approved auto electrician; you can find your nearest one by using our approved fitter’s link at the bottom of the page.
If self-fitting, use the RoadHawk hard wiring kit suitable for your camera (never modify the accessory socket power supply as this will invalidate your warranty). Please refer to your Vehicles wiring diagram, (We cannot offer advice on how to wire the kit)

Black – Negative
Red – Switched live supply, not permanent live.

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