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What’s next for home delivery software?

There are many aspects of grocery shopping that have evolved over the years including self-checkout tills and drone delivery trials. Grocery retail has always been at the forefront of embracing new technology and 2020 has pushed this further than ever imaginable. With the onset of Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent coronavirus lockdown, there has been a fundamental shift in not only how customers shopped, but also where.

It is hard to forget the headlines of empty shelves and shoppers struggling to get the essentials. This also transpired into customers struggling to secure delivery slots, as record numbers turned to online food shopping.

Trakm8 Home Delivery Software

Many supermarkets saw increases like never before, Sainsbury’s recorded an 87% growth in online traffic in the 16 weeks to June, whilst Tesco had a 90% increase in enquiries in May alone.

It is no secret that the 2020s have been tipped as the years where the ratio of in-store and online shopping shifts in favour of digital. However, no one knew how soon that would actually be and in the next 10 years, we expect food shopping e-commerce to continue to grow at an exceptional rate. With this growth comes more demand for top quality home delivery software.

As demand for food delivery slots continues to increase, fleets of home delivery drivers are going to experience an increase in requirements, which in the past has always been seen as a need for more drivers and vans. However, this may not be the case, retailers may opt to actually streamline their fleets in favour of investing in telematics and home delivery software. By doing so they can maximise their assets and fleet efficiency.

How can home delivery software help your fleet?

When it comes to fleet management and home delivery software, here at Trakm8, we are always forward-thinking. We like to ensure that our software provides those all-important features to not only make fleet manager jobs easier but also to improve overall fleet performance.

Trakm8 offers a range of different software and features this includes:

Fleet manager focus will be on future-proofing their fleet along with ensuring maximum ROI for their home delivery vehicles. To future proof fleets, we expect managers to invest in improving their delivery management.

By investing in an all-encompassing home delivery software, data-rich insights provide the most economic routes for the planned delivery locations, increasing overall efficiency. Whilst our diagnostic platforms can provide real-time tracking of vehicle health stats, enabling fleet managers to ensure vehicles are always running as smoothly as possible.

When using a combination of Trakm8 software customers have seen a 30% increase in delivery driver productivity, 10% saving on fuel and a 40% drop in accident rates. Read the full Iceland Foods case study for more information.

To find out more about which software and products are right for your fleet, use the enquiry form below.

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