Making the transition to Electric Vehicles

Trakm8 can help you transition your fleet to Electric Vehicles, saving money on fuel and reducing carbon emissions. Trakm8 Insight allows you to know exactly where your electric vehicles are, their real-time battery charge levels, and alerts you when vehicles are running low on charge.

State of battery charge

Analysis of fleet driver data as a fleet manager is hugely important. If your business relies on fleet drivers to perform everyday activities, you’ll need to ensure that drivers are safe and efficient on the road.

See real-time electric vehicle (EV) battery charge as a percentage of total charge.  Identify which vehicles among your fleet have the most charge.

EV attributes can be added to vehicle cards for a consistent reference to the vehicle’s State of Charge. The charge data is provided directly by the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) communications port, allowing you to have confidence in the data that’s displayed. 

EV Charging
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Charge alerts and reminders

Create reminders based on the status of your vehicles using our EV charge reminders. This allows you to configure automated reminders that are based on your desired timeframe, you can also apply specific conditions to these reminders to ensure their validity each time. These conditions can include the battery charge dropping below a percentage threshold, or when a vehicle is located within a specific Geo-fence, such as the organisations charging post network.

Example: Send an EV charge reminder to the vehicle’s driver at 6pm IF their vehicle’s State Of Charge (SoC) is less than or equal to 50%.

These reminders can be configured to be sent via email or within the Trakm8 Insight App.

Charge Post Mapping

Remove EV range anxiety with up-to-date visibility of the UK’s network of charge points. Simply hover over the Charge Post map layer in Insight to get detailed information on charge post locations, number of posts available, connection types, compatibility, and operator’s details.

We offer extensive charge post coverage with over 130,000 charge stations currently displayed and more to be added in alignment with the constant development of the UK’s EV charging infrastructure.

Charge Post Mapping
Vehicle Range

Dynamic EV vehicle range

Remotely view the current range of your EV fleet using live data reported by your vehicles. Trakm8 Insight does this by taking into account both driving activity and driving behaviour to give you real-time vehicle range via your vehicle’s Livetrack card. Remaining range can be reported in either miles or kilometres allowing you to manage your entire EV fleet more effectively.

Click here to read our Guide to Electric Vehicle Telematics

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