Tachographs are a legal requirement that help ensure that drivers and employers follow regulations that govern drivers’ working hours. These regulations must be followed by vehicles with a total mass of over 3.5 tonnes and by vehicles that are adapted to carry more than nine people, including the driver.

Complying with driving rules is crucial for a fleet manager, so having an easy-to-use system in place like Trakm8 Insight Telematics can be hugely beneficial to your business.

What is remote tacho download?

Transport managers can say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manually downloading drivers’ driving and rest-time data. Remote tacho data collection has never been easier with Trakm8. 

Set a schedule and, using telematics devices, automatically download and collect your driver and vehicle files. Use Insight for generating download reports and receive alerts when files are not downloaded.

Benefits of remote tachograph data collection

There are so many benefits to having digitised tachograph data and telematics systems in place for your fleet:

Driver ID with Trakm8

Tachograph rules made easy

Fleet managers have to follow a strict set of rules in order to comply with transport rules and regulations. Our system makes following these rules simple – the system reports on it for you.

You can easily see important areas, such as:

  • Maximum Driving Hours – No more than 56 hours per week.
  • Minimum Rest Time – 11 consecutive hours between shifts.
  • Regular Breaks – 45 minutes of breaks every 4.5 hours of driving.

Simplify compliance

Trakm8 can help simplify compliance and day to day operations. Combining real-time vehicle tracking, planning, remote tachograph downloads, high definition dash cameras and access to critical data within one robust solution. Ensuring you and your employees are compliant with all legal requirements has never been easier.

Trakm8 insight software helps increase productivity
Automate deliveries with ePOD

Make accurate transport planning decisions

Smart tachograph data is easy to access and enables accurate planning and decision making for transport managers, reducing the need for agency drivers and potential fines for non-compliance.

Automatic remote transfer to your analysis provider

Instantly transfer vehicle and driver data files to your preferred analysis provider for full drivers’ tachograph analysis for EU and GB Domestic Regulations and reporting. All data is stored securely in the cloud.

Streamline tacho data collection with automated schedules

Automated scheduling allows you to have crucial data downloaded and stored – you don’t even have to think about it! This way, nothing important will be missed and all rules can be followed.

How to download tachograph data

There is often a lot of confusion about how to download tachograph data – this is mainly related to outdated and complicated, traditional tachographs that require manual data collection and storage. Digital tachograph downloads are far easier and more efficient.

With Trakm8, tachograph data is fully digitised and stored in the cloud. This means that there is no manual work involved – simply check the online platform and download all of the relevant data with the touch of a button. 

You can schedule downloads automatically and even use the software to generate easy to read reports, perfect for effective fleet management.

Fleet telematics and tacho data downloads with Trakm8

Trakm8’s telematics software and remote tacho download systems help to streamline fleet management processes and ensure that driver safety is prioritised and maintained.

Get in touch today to learn more about how tachograph downloads work with our telematics system.

FAQs about remote tachograph data downloads

What is a tachograph?

A tachograph is a system that tracks and records driver behaviour, including drive times, vehicle speeds, working hours and rest times. Tachographs are typically used by businesses that operate a fleet and want to ensure that transport rules and regulations are being complied with. 

How do you use a tachograph?

With Trakm8’s digital tachograph system, you simply download your tacho report and utilise the information where needed. Both drivers and fleet managers can access the system with ease – no manual work to start tracking data is needed. 

Who is responsible for downloading digital tachograph data?

The driver is responsible for ensuring that tachograph data is being recorded and the Fleet Manager or Transport Operator is responsible for downloading and utilising data.

How often do you download digital tachographs?

The Fleet Manager or Transport Operator must download driver data every 28 days and vehicle data from the tachograph at least every 56 days.

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