What is Driver Identification Software?

Our fleet driver identification software allows fleet management to accurately monitor specific driver data and ensure driver safety at all times. 

Driver identification tools and integrated telematics are the perfect tool for fleet managers to improve safety, security and reduce costs.

Full visibility of your drivers, no matter the vehicle they’re driving

With driver ID, fleet managers are able to keep track of who is driving which vehicle at any given time. This enables accurate in-depth reporting on driver behaviour. Additionally, timesheets will be by the driver rather than the vehicle.

Choice of driver identification methods

With Trakm8 Insight, fleet managers aren’t limited to one driver identification method. Use unique dallas keys for identifying individual drivers together with the ACC710 Driver ID Via Dallas Key device from Trakm8. Alternatively, identify drivers using their Tachograph ID cards.

How does fleet driver identification work?

With Trakm8 Driver ID software, fleet drivers can log-on to their allocated vehicle by presenting their standard door entry and employee identity card solutions, as well as NFC technology identification from a mobile phone. 

You can also use the ACC750 Driver ID & Feedback device:

The ACC750 is a combined driver identification and feedback solution that connects to a wide range of Trakm8 telematics devices over Bluetooth wireless connectivity and hard-wired serial connection.

The display provides regular score updates and alerts the driver of poor driving techniques in real-time using clear visual icons and audible prompts.

Business / Private Journey State – With a simple press of the multi-functional button, drivers can easily switch between a Business or Private journey, ensuring that HMRC P11D mileage returns are compliant and completed accurately and effectively.

Driver Alert – Pressing and holding down the multi-functional button for 3 secs triggers an alert to the paired Trakm8 telematics device so that it can deliver a message to the server for viewing in the web/app portals.

Driver ID – Drivers can log-on to the vehicle by presenting their standard door entry and employee identity card solutions as well as NFC technology identification from a mobile phone.

Why should you identify every driver in your fleet before they drive?

Connecting your fleet driver with a specific vehicle allows fleet managers to accurately interpret data and hold accountability to the right people. 

They can easily assess driving and human variables in the data and use the identification to implement changes in specific areas.

It also helps to boost your fleet safety protocols – only registered drivers will be able to scan into your vehicles.

Benefits of using fleet driver identification software

Report on specific driver data

Gain full visibility of your drivers with trakm8 telematic software
Report on specific driver data

Get detailed and accurate driver insights by knowing who is driving your vehicles, where they are, where they’ve been and their specific driver metrics (such as average speed, harsh braking and idle time).

Reduce Costs

Monitor working time and mileage registration to regulate costs. Then use specific driver metrics to help drivers improve in the right areas, saving you money in the long run.

Improve driver behaviour

Improve driver behaviour

Using driver metrics through driver ID allows you to keep an eye on specific areas of fleet performance, such as driver performance, mileage, GPS tracking and more.

Fleet Driver Identification with Trakm8 Telematics

Trakm8’s driver ID and telematics software help fleet managers to monitor costs, driver performance and safety from one device. Identifying your drivers is crucial to security and for measuring performance. 

Get in touch with our team today to create the right fleet ID tracking solution for you.

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