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A Guide to the Best Fleet Management Software

There are plenty of fleet management software solutions available to UK fleets; but how do you know which software is best for your business?

Here at Trakm8, we discuss how you can find the best fleet management software for your fleet and what a great, comprehensive software solution should include.

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What is fleet management software?

Fleet management software is a comprehensive database comprising a range of metrics that enable you to tailor fleet reports to easily monitor and record useful and relevant fleet data.

This intuitive software can provide your business with all the relevant information needed regarding the performance of your fleet, whenever you may need it.

Having the data at your fingertips enables you to make informed decisions about managing your fleet and taking action where necessary to ensure future successes.

At Trakm8, our technology is proven to:

✅ Improve fuel economy by 10%

✅ Reduce insurance claims by 50%

✅ Reduce accident rates by 39%

✅ Cut speeding incidents by 35%

What does fleet management software do?

Good fleet management software will present clear and easy-to-understand data that is invaluable to all fleets and fleet managers. There are a few main features of fleet management software that can hugely benefit a business. These include:

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fleet management software will easily allow a business to track where the vehicles in their fleet currently are and where they have been. Real-time tracking allows you to understand what route your fleet is taking and whether this is the most efficient one to take.

You can create digital boundaries to keep your fleet in line and consistently improve customer service through increased delivery or response times.

Driver Behaviour

Easily monitor driver behaviour and track habits to improve efficiency and safety. Track user metrics to monitor and promote driver safety and manage bad driving habits such as:

  • Speeding
  • Harsh braking and acceleration
  • Engine idling

This will deliver huge benefits to both driver and business, reducing the risk of accidents – therefore helping to lower insurance costs and claims – reducing fuel consumption and vehicle wear to save on costs.

Accident rates are reduced by more than ⅓ when driver behaviour technology is used (RoSPA).

Vehicle Health

Proactively monitor the health of your fleet through extensive diagnostic data gained from fleet management software.

You can clearly see faults through a detailed report on diagnostic trouble codes, remote monitoring of vehicle warning lights and battery health warnings. 

Through these checks, you can easily help to minimise breakdowns and as a result, reduce expensive repair bills.

Route Optimisation

Create the most effective and efficient route for your fleet using intelligent fleet management software to track time, stops, proof of delivery or service and driver safety.

Through careful consideration of fleet size, capability, amount of jobs, location and specific requirements, comprehensive fleet management software can plan a perfectly optimised route for your whole fleet.

What should fleet managers look for in fleet management software?

The most important factor when choosing fleet management software is flexibility. You want to be able to choose software that matches your requirements and, when your requirements change, the software should be flexible to accommodate them.

When looking at your fleet data and information, it is crucial that you are able to customise it so you receive the information that is most important and relevant to your company. 

A fleet manager should look for software that allows them to:

  • Closely monitor and track all areas of their fleet;
  • Track drivers through identification and cameras and monitor driver behaviour;
  • Monitor vehicle health, mileage and maintenance;
  • Report to business owners with vehicle analytics.

With these features, all elements of a business’s fleet will be able to be tracked, recorded and used in the future to improve efficiencies and maintain driver satisfaction.

Our comprehensive telematics software will allow you to do all of the above, easily. With Trakm8 Insight, you are also able to:

  • Create customisable dashboards by choosing unique widgets;
  • Set up bespoke alerts and reminders through parameters and filters which are delivered straight to your inbox;
  • Have complete access to and control over your fleet wherever you are, as Insights is web-based. We also have an Insight app for mobile, making it even more accessible.

The Benefits of using Fleet Management Software

Trakm8’s fleet management software provides many benefits. These include:

  1. Reducing Fleet Costs

Almost every aspect of fleet management software will help reduce overall fleet costs.

  • Vehicle tracking will ensure that customers’ needs are met on time.
  • Driver behaviour scoring and integrated dash cams will reduce fuel costs and lower costly accident risks.
  • Fleet optimisation and route planning will reduce overall operational costs through increased productivity and fuel efficiency. 
  1. Driver benefits

As route optimisation automates the most efficient routes and schedules to take, the system takes away the need for drivers to do any in-depth planning and allows them to devote more of their time and attention to their main job. 

Similarly, the Trakm8 Driver app further removes the need to spend valuable time completing log books and mileage claims as the app is able to complete this action on their behalf.

  1. Risk reduction 

Vehicles are constantly scraped and dented, particularly when vehicles operate in high traffic areas. Employees may often claim that their car was damaged in a car park during the execution of a job.

There is however, no way of qualifying the cause of the accident unless you have visibility of first notification of loss (FNOL) or are using vehicle cameras. 

Accelerometers within Trakm8’s telematics devices detect impacts on vehicles, enabling businesses to capture vital intelligence that can be used to corroborate an employee’s version of events, improve liability decisions and reduce fraudulent or exaggerated injury claims.

Our dual-edge algorithms filter out false positives such as speed bumps, cattle grids and kerb strikes to improve the accuracy of crash detection. 

Trakm8 also owns the RoadHawk range of vehicle cameras, all of which collect irrefutable evidence in the event of an accident.

  1. Accurate business and private mileage 

Having access to a tool to automate business and private journeys can significantly reduce admin time for both the employer and their drivers.

Telematics solutions are able to log accurate mileage and create automated journey summaries to qualify mileage expense claims.

  1. Fleet Compliance

As a fleet manager, it is crucial that you ensure that your fleet meets all the legal requirements and follows legislation carefully to avoid costly fines or forced closures.

Our vehicle tracking capabilities ensure that HMRC compliance is met for employees and that driver behaviour is monitored to ensure safety of drivers and the general public.

  1. Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key priority for most fleet managers. Our software can help to track this process – this could include monitoring engine idling times that are detrimental to the environment.

Creating an effective route also helps reduce emissions. Considering miles, traffic and travel time helps to optimise routes to decrease unnecessary mileage and avoid stop-start traffic jams.

  1. Reduce Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies value attention to detail when it comes to driving safety procedures. Through installing dash cams and integrated telematics cameras, it is likely that insurance premiums will go down, thus saving money throughout the whole fleet.

How much could you save with fleet management software?

Fleet managers will want to ensure that their management software is beneficial to the company and that the return on investment is worthwhile.

We’ve created a savings calculator that allows you to assess how our fleet management software could benefit your business.

How much does fleet management software cost?

We have 4 great packages to choose from when it comes to fleet management software.

Choose from our basic Essentials range, to our highly-customisable Business package. Alternatively, contact us to discuss our fully bespoke, tailored Enterprise package. See below for what’s included:

Insight Essentials £5.99 / per vehicle, per month (+VAT)*

Cost-effective, simple live GPS vehicle tracking with driver behaviour scoring and business/private mileage tracking. Ideal for grey-fleet, short-term hire and contractor vehicles.

  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Business/Private Mileage
  • Mileage Reports
  • Geo-fences
  • Reminders (Service, MOT etc.)
  • 30-day or 12-month Rolling Contract
  • One-off device activation fee (£25+VAT)
Insight Essentials Plus £7.99 / per vehicle, per month (+VAT)*

Discreet and easy to install live GPS vehicle tracking with driver behaviour scoring, battery health monitoring and business/private mileage tracking. The perfect telematics solution for small businesses.

  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Battery health Monitoring
  • Business/Private Mileage
  • Mileage Reports
  • Geo-fences
  • Reminders (Service, MOT etc.)
  • 12-month Contract
  • One-off device activation fee (£25+VAT)
Insight Business £12.99 / per vehicle, per month (+VAT)*

Everything in Insight Essentials Plus with the addition of vehicle health alerts and customisable dashboard and reports. The perfect telematics solution for the SME and Corporate markets.

    • Everything in Essentials Plus +
    • Vehicle Health (Connectedcare)
    • Live Fuel, Battery & Odometer
    • Customisable Dashboards, Reports and Alerts
    • Additional Reports
    • Choice of telematics devices
    • One-off device activation fee (£25+VAT)

Optional Features:

  • Live-video Streaming (RH600)
  • Driver ID
  • In-cab Driver Feedback
Insight Enterprise Call us today on 0330 311 5157

The customisable Insight package, precisely tailored to your needs. Select the Insight features that you need for your business including Optimisation and ePOD.

  • Optional Features Include:
  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Vehicle Health (Connectedcare)
  • Live Fuel, Battery & Odometer
  • Business/Private Mileage
  • Mileage Reports
  • Geo-fences
  • Reminders (Service, MOT etc.)
  • Customisable Dashboards, Reports and Alerts
  • Fleet Optimisation and Route Planning
  • Live-video Streaming
  • Driver ID
  • In-cab Driver Feedback

Fleet management software solutions at Trakm8

At Trakm8, we offer a fully comprehensive and carefully tailored fleet management solution through our detailed software.

Find out more about how we can support your business’s fleet and request a free demo from our team today.

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