Yes, Insight Optimisation allows you to plan 1 day in advance, for example, you can plan tomorrows visits, today.

Yes, we can import the vehicles you have allocated to the various routes and then re-sequence the deliveries/collections/visits into the most efficient order i.e. least number of miles.

As long as the delivery window is imported then Insight Optimisation will take this into account and will only plan the delivery/collection/visit within the time window.

Yes, we can set up the actual payload and the maximum cube your vehicles can hold. As long as the information you are importing also has these details against each order/item, then the system will take all of this into its calculations when creating and optimising routes for that vehicle.

Insight Optimisation is a full fleet optimisation software solution which manages the jobs (deliveries/collections/visits) and the resources (vehicles and drivers). It will plan the most efficient routes based on information imported and can then export these routes via Excel / PDF or directly to the Insight app.

Using the latest mapping and location data technology, Insight Optimisation provides speeds from real-time traffic flow measurements, recorded at 15-minute intervals along with the legal limits for different sections of road. When the Insight Optimisation solution calculates the most efficient route plan, it considers this data. For example, a journey could take longer when roads are congested.

We can set a specific delivery or collection time against each order or, if you do not have this information, we can set a default delivery time. You can then use the reports to fine-tune these times as you move forward with the Insight Optimisation solution.

The Insight Optimisation solution does not yet have the functionality but our Optimisation API solution can address this, contact us for more information.

Insight Optimisation can address all types of rules and characteristics such as driver certification and qualification when producing a route plan.

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