Trakm8’s Insight Optimisation software can easily complete route planning for multiple drops as well as single drops. As long as all fleet and task data has been entered into the system correctly, Insight will optimise routes based off:

trakm8 insight optimisation software can help reduce route times
  • Fleet size
  • Delivery location
  • Capabilities
  • Number of deliveries/jobs
  • Location of deliveries/jobs
  • Specific customer requirements

By using a fully integrated fleet optimisation system, such as Insight Optimisation, across all depots, you can reduce costs by reducing the need for manual fleet management on each delivery. Through the use of intelligent mapping software, Insight Optimisation can provide real-time traffic flow measurements which helps create optimised routes that avoid congestion and optimise travel time. Therefore, as a company, you will see fleet mileage decrease and fleet productivity increase.

Fleet Manager Benefits

Our Insight Optimisation software provides benefits such as:

  • A decrease in operational costs
  • A decrease in manual fleet management tasks
  • A decrease in fuel costs
  • A decrease in late delivery costs
  • An increase in fleet efficiency and productivity

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