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Fleet Optimisation

Trakm8’s route optimisation solution, Route Monkey, goes beyond basic route planners to deliver substantial savings by increasing vehicle utilisation and reducing total fleet mileage. The system looks at all the tasks you have to complete, factoring in any specific customer requirements, and matches them with the best assets and resources at your disposal. By planning the jobs in the most efficient order it can help fleets reduce total miles travelled by up to 20%, while still producing a plan which meets all customer contractual requirements and service level agreements, as well as legislation around working hours and statutory breaks.

Other elements include:

EV Optimisation

  • Route Monkey was the first company to develop optimisation specifically for electric vehicles (EVs) and won multiple awards for this innovation

Enhanced ePOD

  • Route Monkey works extremely well with electronic proof of delivery ePOD. Once a worker has completed a task, Route Monkey can automatically send them a push notification with the location and details of the next job

Third-Party Integration

  • We have a proven track record of integrating our optimisation with third party systems, whether that is fleet or transport management software, enterprise resource planning, CRM, or even accounting platforms

Trakm8 Integration

  • Integrate Route Monkey with our Trakm8 Insight telematics platform to benefit from full tracking of planned versus actual performance, driver behaviour analytics, proof of delivery, fleet efficiency tools and risk mitigation – all from one very intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Free benchmarking

Still need reassurances around ROI? We offer a free, no-obligation benchmarking service. Route Monkey’s expert analysts take your historical fleet data and run it through our optimisation algorithms. In this way we can accurately demonstrate the savings that you could make by using our software.

Free benchmarking de-risks the investment decision for your organisation - and helps fleet managers build the business case for optimisation with their procurement departments

We can take data from telematics, back office software, or even an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively, we can supply in-vehicle data loggers for a small fee

Fleet Optimisation

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