Trakm8's award-winning Route Monkey optimisation software is proven to cut fuel expenditure by up to 20% and increase productivity by up to 33%. With ROI achievable in a matter of months, it is suitable for almost any applications involving a mobile workforce; from logistics and home shopping delivery companies to service engineers and field marketing teams.

Optimise Your Assets Icon

Optimise Your Assets

Improves productivity and cuts total fleet mileage

EV Optimisation Icon

EV Optimisation

Ensures you maximise ROI from costly EVs

Perfect Partner for ePOD Icon

Perfect Partner for ePOD

Provides drivers with details of next job, and managers with proof of delivery

3rd Party Integration Icon

3rd Party Integration

Integrates with ERP systems, and fleet management software

Trakm8 Integration Icon

Trakm8 Integration

Integrates with Trakm8 telematics, and telematics cameras

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Free Benchmarking Service

Understand the true benefits before you buy

Optimise Your Assets

Optimise Your Assets

Route Monkey is proven to cut fleet fuel bills by up to 20%, or increase productivity by up to 33%. It achieves these substantial savings by looking at all the tasks you have to complete, factoring in any specific customer requirements, then matching them with the best assets and resources at your disposal, and planning the jobs in the most efficient order. The end result is a plan which delivers for your clients, while increasing your vehicle utilisation and reducing total fleet mileage.

EV Optimisation

The finite range and battery recharge rates of EVs often brings productivity challenges. Our award-winning EV algorithm can import a fleet’s historic and forecasted data, and use it to calculate which existing routes and vehicles could be switched to EVs. Modelling in this way eliminates the need for prolonged and costly EV field trials.

Once the vehicles are deployed, our algorithms optimise their performance. We calculate the impact of a wide range of real-time factors such as payload, average speed, route topography, weather conditions, and driver style; so that you get the most out of your EVs. In this way we help fleets make the switch to EVs in a way that is easy and delivers a return on investment.

EV Optimisation

What is Route Monkey? Click the button below to watch our video.

Perfect Partner for ePOD

Perfect Partner for ePOD

Route Monkey can automatically send jobs to a handheld device such as a rugged smartphone. So once the worker has completed a task, they automatically receive the location and details of the next job. When combined with electronic proof of delivery – also known as ePOD - these handheld devices generate real-time notifications once the order has been fulfilled or the task has been completed. This speeds up invoicing and also helps companies transition to paperless operations.

3rd Party Integration

Trakm8’s engineers are experts at integrating our optimisation with third party systems, whether that is fleet management software, enterprise resource planning, CRM, or even accounting platforms. Our goal is to make Route Monkey as user-friendly as possible by creating an integrated workflow for our customers.

3rd Party Integration

Route Monkey Optimisation has delivered the following benefits to our customers:


Reduction In Fuel Expenditure


Increase in productivity


Overall efficiency savings
Trakm8 Integration

Trakm8 Integration

Trakm8 provides a comprehensive single-source solution for vehicle operators. This includes telematics, driver behaviour monitoring, vehicle health alerts, and vehicle cameras.

When combined Route Monkey, this end-to-end solution cuts costs and carbon emissions even further, while boosting productivity and increasing safety.

Fleet and transport managers also benefit from full tracking of planned versus actual performance, driver behaviour analytics, proof of delivery, fleet efficiency tools and risk mitigation – all from one very intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Free Benchmarking Service

We are so confident in our ability to deliver ROI that we offer a free, no-obligation benchmarking service. Our expert analysts take your historical fleet performance data and run it through our optimisation algorithms. In this way we can accurately demonstrate the savings that you could make by using our software.

Free benchmarking de-risks the investment decision for your organisation - and helps fleet managers build the business case for optimisation with their procurement departments.

We can take data from telematics, back office software, or even an Excel spreadsheet. Alternatively, we can supply in-vehicle data loggers for a small fee.


How does Route Monkey work? Click the button below to watch our video.

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