Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking

Understand your fleet’s every move. With vehicle tracking or fleet tracking from Trakm8, you can gain a real-time insight into the actions of your fleet. Looking to send your nearest asset to a job? Live vehicle locations and traffic reports help identify the most efficient way in which you can fulfil customer demands.

Vehicle Tracking | Fleet Management | Trakm8

Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking for Smaller Fleets

Telematics can help even the smallest of fleets run more efficiently, so if you run a business with 2 or more vehicles, you could enjoy the benefits of Trakm8 Prime. We provide a plug and play solution for small and medium-sized fleets to reduce fuel costs, prevent breakdowns and simplify P11D admin.

Vehicle tracking for smaller fleets | Fleet Management | Trakm8

Fleet Management

Route Planning and Logistical Improvements

Reduce fuel consumption by quickly calculating your delivery schedule with the lowest cumulative mileage and with the least amount of vehicles. Route planning is a crucial part of the vehicle fleet management process and with the right tools, you can save hours in manual planning. Our software includes both route optimisation and route scheduling software which empower you to calculate the most efficient use of your fleet in just a matter of minutes.

Route Planning and Logistical Improvements | Fleet Management | Trakm8

Fleet Management

Driver Behaviour

Would you know how the performance of your drivers is impacting on your fleet's fuel consumption? With driver behaviour monitoring from Trakm8, your business can gain insight into costly driving styles.

In addition to fuel consumption, driver behaviour monitoring with our fleet management software can help to eradicate dangerous driving styles that can affect fleet safety and reputational damage.

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Fleet Management

DVSA Compliance

We understand that your Operator's Licence is the lifeblood of your business. We also know that tachograph monitoring and license checking can be an immensely laborious process. This is why we provide hauliers with a fully automated tachograph analysis solution which enables operators to view driver hours and vehicle usage. Any infringements of DVSA regulations are immediately highlighted ensuring that your fleet remains compliant at all times.

DVSA Compliance | Fleet Management | Trakm8

Fleet Management

Asset Tracking

It isn't just regular vehicles that can benefit from the power of telematics. Our asset tracking solutions can be fitted directly on behalf of manufacturers and also work with construction plant, motorised cleaning products, power generation, and agricultural machinery.

Asset Tracking | Fleet Management | Trakm8

Fleet Management

Trailer Tracking

Trailer tracking telematics is crucial for hauliers. Missing trailers and poor trailer to tractor ratios can have a huge impact on potential revenues so having full visibility of your assets is imperative for providing an efficient service to your customers.

Trailer Tracking | Fleet Management | Trakm8

Fleet Management

First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Road traffic accidents happen. Although we can significantly reduce the risk of your fleet vehicles being involved in a collision, we cannot prevent it entirely. In the event of an accident, our intricate First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and crash data enables fleet managers to understand the events surrounding a collision and also allows you to make the relevant plans to prevent disruption to your daily operations.

First Notification of Loss (FNOL) | Fleet Management | Trakm8

Fleet Management

Preventive Maintenance

Predict when specific vehicle components will fail with preventive maintenance telematics. Vehicle downtime the loss of productivity that arises from it can result in in scheduled plans being hampered or cancelled completely. This is why our telematics solutions give fleet managers the opportunity to carry out predictive maintenance by accessing real time vehicle diagnostics.

Preventive Maintenance | Fleet Management | Trakm8

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