Get yourself connected – Part one

Innovations in connected car technology can now help prevent breakdowns and non-starts; enhance residual values; and improve service and maintenance regimes.

RH600: How telematics cameras tackle drowsy drivers

One in eight (13%) of drivers in the UK admit to falling asleep at the wheel, according to the latest research by the AA Charitable Trust.

Tackle tailgating with vehicle cameras

Tailgating is the second-highest cause of a road traffic incident involving a light commercial vehicle (LCV), according to Department for Transport (DfT) figures.

Under Pressure: How telematics can improve tyre performance

Poorly-maintained tyres can increase both your costs and the risk of a road traffic incident, so correctly inflated tyres are vital to safe and efficient fleet operations.

Get yourself connected – Part two

Part two looks at further innovations which create a unique value-add proposition for fleet management, leasing and hire companies.

How to find the right vehicle tracking solution – Part one

What should you look for when selecting a vehicle tracking supplier? Here are some of the key points to consider.

Reduce the risk of idling fines with vehicle tracking

The UK Government has announced proposals to crack down on engine idling – the act of a driver leaving the engine running while their vehicle is stationary.

Can vehicle tracking increase your productivity?

Here are some of the tried and tested ways that telematics can make your organisation even more efficient:

Can vehicle cameras help to reduce road deaths?

A study conducted in St Albans of 11,000 drivers found that one in six had succumbed to distractions such as talking on a phone, to a passenger, or smoking

Take your fleet management to the next level

Many fleets now use vehicle cameras and vehicle tracking to help improve road safety and efficiency.

Enhancing fleet management for the utilities sector

Three key benefits are the automation of timesheets, providing accurate estimated arrival times to customers, and faster responses to client emergencies.

Made in Britain – Innovative Fleet Management Solutions

Trakm8 is the largest manufacturer of telematics devices in the UK - and is proud to hold the Made in Britain marque.

Improving home shopping delivery with route optimisation

Route optimisation is proven to help improve productivity for retailers, as well as cutting fuel consumption.

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